How To Care For Dry And Normal Skin with Skintra



Not sure how to care for your dry or normal skin? Or maybe you don't know how to identify your skin type? Make sure to read this post to find out what your skin is like and how to care for it.
If your skin doesn't seem to have any major problems, you don't suffer from excessive dryness, blemishes or greasiness, then you most likely have normal skin. And if you see dry patches on your skin, or it’s unpleasantly tight and itchy after washing, and absorbs all creams in literally 3 seconds, then you have dry skin. Today, we'll help you find out which Skintra products to use to improve your skin care.

Normal And Dry Skin: What Does It Mean?

Normal skin is seemingly in need of no special care, but does this mean that it should be left untouched? No! Any skin, in order to stay healthy and avoid problems, needs several skincare components, i.e. exfoliation, moisturizing, antioxidation and sun protection. Caring for normal skin will become much simpler when we introduce you to Skintra cosmetics that cover these stages!
Dry skin often means constant tension, dry patches, redness, as well as rough, gray and sallow complexion. There are many reasons for experiencing such issues, including genetic and environmental factors, but let’s focus on how to deal with them.

Skintra Brand for Dry And Normal Skin

Knowing how hard it can be to take care of dry skin, we have created products that will make your daily skincare routine easier and bring your skin back to its best. In some aspects, cosmetics will differ when it comes to normal versus dry skin care, but among the SkinTra products you will find gems for each skin type.


When it comes to dry and normal skin, look for gentle cleansing products that don't require too much rubbing. This will help avoid irritation and protect your skin barrier. We recommend cleansing foams or gels, such as this one:
SkinTra - Wash It Off - Glucoside Gel Cleanser
If you're looking for a do-it-all cleanser that respects your skin's natural balance, look no further than SkinTra's "Wash It Off" Glucoside Gel Cleanser. It’s formulated with skin-loving ingredients, such as glucoside surfactants, which quickly and effectively deal with all impurities, while also being gentle on the eye area. Inulin, which is a prebiotic, protects the skin’s microbiome, preventing skin sensitivity and bacterial acne. And the combination of gluconolactone, panthenol, and allantoin gives the product care properties, hydrates the skin, and prevents irritation. As you massage it in, you'll notice the gel turning into a thick, luxurious mousse with a physiological pH – it leaves your skin feeling not only clean but also pampered and balanced. It’s formula is also non-comedogenic, so it doesn’t cause imperfections.


As for the skin tonization, it's not a compulsory step – and in many cases, you can skip it. However, there is an exception. When the skin lacks hydration, or if we want to supply it with additional active ingredients without overloading it, tonization can be an extremely helpful step. Here is a product you can try:
SkinTra - Everything What Your Skin Will Love - Prebiotyczny Tonik Pielęgnacyjny If your skin is dry, treat this as a toner, and if your skin is normal, just use it as a cream. Why? This is a rich product with a very light texture, so it can work as a cream, a serum, or a toner. It contains light emollients that care for the skin's hydrolipid barrier without overloading it. The tonic also contains azeloglycine, a derivative of azelaic acid, that will be helpful if you have hyperpigmentation or blemishes. Azeloglycine also prevents the appearance of new blemishes and regulate sebum secretion.
And remember how we mentioned antioxidation? In this tonic you'll find antioxidants in the form of a by-product of the yeast fermentation process, and niacinamide, which calms the skin and speeds up the healing process.
SkinTra - Brightoner SkinTra - Revive


Regular removal of dead skin will prevent roughness, improve skin tone, and reduce the visibility of blemishes. In addition, it allows your skin to better absorb further active ingredients. For dry and normal skin, we would suggest refraining from strong peels in favor of gentle but regular exfoliation with an acid toner.
SkinTra - Brightoner - Całoroczny Tonik Kwasowy 9% You can use our Brightoner Acid Toner all year round, as it has no phototoxic or photosensitizing potential. It contains mandelic acid – an ingredient that is recommended for all skin types, which has low potential for irritation and strong antibacterial properties. If you have problems with hyperpigmentation, then tranexamic acid and kojic acid, also present in the product, come to the rescue. And in addition, this toner also contains vitamin C, which provides essential antioxidant protection and makes the skin look fresh and radiant!
SkinTra - Reviver - Serum Rewitalizujące
Lactobionic acid in this product gently but effectively exfoliates the skin, while additionally moisturizing it. This serum also contains 30% GFF, a product of yeast fermentation that has powerful antioxidant and regenerative effects. Another ingredient is azeloglycine, which helps deal with hyperpigmentation and lighten the blemishes. Finally, there are ingredients here that soothe all irritation and dryness – allantoin and panthenol. This product is all-in-one when it comes to moisturizing, regenerating, antioxidating and brightening the skin. What more could you want? Also, this serum works well for all skin types. The only difference for dry skin will be to use it less often than for normal skin.
SkinTra - Let Your Skin Drink Up SkinTra - Let Your Skin Feed On


Keeping your skin moisturized is like giving a refreshing drink of water to a parched plant – it thrives, looks healthier, and feels softer. For those with dry skin, using a good moisturizer can be a game-changer, helping to combat flakiness, redness, and a tight sensation. Even if you have normal skin, consistent moisturizing helps maintain balance, serving as a barrier against environmental factors like pollution and temperature changes.
For normal skin:SkinTra - Let Your Skin Drink Up - Prebiotyczny Krem Nawilżający Normal skin doesn't require in-depth nourishment and a heavy regenerating cream. Because of this, look for lighter products, sich as Skintra – Let Your Skin Drink Up. It has strong moisturizing properties, takes care of the skin's protective barrier, and is non-comedogenic. as well as niacinamide, which provides an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritation. As for its moisturizing properties, the following ingredients will help keep your skin hydrated: inulin, beta-glucan, allantoin, saccharide isomerate and the patented ingredient Black BeeOme ™ Powder.
For dry skin: SkinTra - Let Your Skin Feed On - Prebiotyczny Krem Odżywczy When it comes to caring for dry skin, this product will do better than a regular moisturizer. It has strong nourishing properties, thanks to which we often call this cream a "skin patch". Its texture is quite light and smooth, but the formula itself is incredibly rich. To take care of dry skin, we included NMF ingredients, probiotics, and ferments. In addition to moisturizing and nourishing, they help maintain proper skin microbiome and elasticity. This cream also contains light watermelon seed oil and raspberry seed oil to replenish lipid deficiencies, as well as squalane, which provides for the skin's protective barrier. This product is going to become one of your favorites if you need to go through retinoid treatments or moisturize the skin after dermatological procedures.
SkinTra - Rich Coat SPF50+/PA++++

Sun protection

SkinTra - Rich Coat SPF50+/PA++++ IR, Blue Light - Antyoksydacyjny Krem Szerokopasmowy
For comprehensive skin protection that does more than just shield against the sun, our Rich Coat cream has you covered. This is no ordinary sunscreen; it offers anti-aging benefits and fights against free radicals while also preventing discoloration. With a smooth, satin finish, you'll love how it feels on your skin – no whitening, clogging, rolling, or eye irritation.
The formula is packed with powerhouse ingredients such as chemical filters for sun protection, Vitamin C for dealing with hyperpigmentation, and Pentavitin, arginine and watermelon seed oil for additional hydration. This product it suitable for all skin types and safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

We hope that thanks to SkinTra products you will eventually find the perfect skin care routine for your dry or normal skin. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our cosmetologists via the cosmetology form.
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