Take eco-friendly action with skintra
Take eco-friendly action with skintra
Our brand has been created with ecology in mind
Ecology is an indispensable point of the SkinTra project. It was supposed to be eco and it is. The essence is not to produce new, unnecessary packaging, which is key to minimizing the consumption of natural resources.
Your SkinTry product will arrive in a cardboard box. This package does not include bubble wrap. Instead, it contains a biodegradable scraper. Paper tape with a rubber adhesive is used in place of traditional tape in order to make your package 100% recyclable.
Las na Zawsze
We plant 0.5 m2 of biodiverse forest - for ourselves and for future generations - for every SkinTra product we sell, even for advertising or internal testing among employees.
Las na zawsze
48 312 m2
of forrest
Plastic bank
Due to the fact that we would like everyone to be able to test our cosmetics before purchasing, we opted to introduce trial products. Nevertheless, we know how important it is to minimize plastic production, which is why we partnered with Plastic Bank.

Each sample of SkinTra products helps recover 1 a plastic bottle from beaches.
Plastic bank
605 000
Bottles The products from SkinTra are made of brown glass, which is recyclable and protects against UV radiation. Recycled paper is used for labels and, most importantly, no unnecessary packaging is included with the product.
Bottles Bottles
Tube was made from recycled materials. Made of approximately 60% rPET.
Skintra Rich Coat Skintra Rich Coat Preview tree
60% RPET